Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Your crazy family

Why does your family do this?? They are normal people one day, happily getting on with their lives.  The next... They turn into psychos!  And it has to be while you're away.*  Which means I have to get involved.  I don't want to get involved - they're not my family! You should have to deal with them.

So what's happened? I'll tell you what's happened. Your retard of an elder brother has just broken up with his girlfriend over the phone.  Yes. Over the phone.  Apparently being forty years old does not stop him acting like a 12 year year old.  I just cannot believe he thinks it's ok to break up with your girlfriend, who you live with, over the phone!

I'm not saying I'm the girls biggest fan, but he is going to leave her with scars that don't heal. This is the most despicable, cowardly act! Is this how your mother raised you boys????

And i can't talk him off the ledge. He's all hyped up thinking he's getting his freedom, and it just ain't so.  I have to say I'm disappointed that he is acting like this. He's always been an all or nothing, black and white person, but the fact that he can't even imagine that what he's doing will be hurtful is absurd.

Now I have to be the wise friend and talk to him about how to fix this... Frankly this seems like a lot of hard work for a relationship I don't even want him to be in. Stupid morals.

Now get home, so YOU can fix this!

Love you to pieces,

*Remember the dog...

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