Thursday, 13 June 2013


Grumpy man,

you are away at the moment.  I say that like it's something different to your normal crazy travel schedule.  It's not.  You are always travelling.  I could rent out your side of the bed, you're in it so often (not in a sexy way, of course... This is a metaphor!! Just go with it!! lol)

But this trip, you, my grumbling, grumpy, undemonstrative little man, have been so darn attentive.  i don't know what's gotten into you.  calls every day!! I feel so spoilt.  It's lovely.

And after four days of it, I am now looking forward to getting home each night to talk to you.  Even though it's only for a few minutes.  Even though we aren't having deep and meaningful conversations.  We are just being together - from different sides of the world.

I love you , Grumpy.

E xx

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