Monday, 6 August 2012

Cleaning the kitchen

To my own Grumpy,
Thank you for a delicious meal. I love that you cook for me, even though I come home late and you want to eat early. I love that you wait for me... My meals are not as satisfying when you don't share them, with me.
I don't even mind cleaning up, when you ask nicely, or even when you assume I'm going to do it. I don't mind! You just fed me, after all. I do mind, when you demand I do it. When you complain that I haven't done it. When you stomp around and make sarcastic remarks about how difficult it must be to be me and be waited on hand and foot. That makes me feel like telling you where to go. So thank you for tonight. For letting me know you wanted my help, not demanded I service your kitchen. It made me feel much more loving and more satisfied with my cleaning.
I do love you, Grumpy Bum.
Enjoy you computer, I'm off to do the dishes :-P
Your Grumbles.

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