Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Travel makes the world go 'round

My Grumpy Man,

You are away, and I am all alone. I should be used to this. You are away a pretty reasonable portion of time*.  And yet, I miss you.  Our house feels quiet.  But it also feels clean.

I spent most of the weekend cleaning. I cleaned the bathroom. I cleaned the kitchen. I vacuumed the carpets.  I scrubbed the grout with a toothbrush.  I straightened all the cushions and folded all the blankets on the couch. And you know what's crazy? It's still clean! That's right. It's been two days and you can still see the benches and the floors!

I love you dearly, but I don't think you realise how much your mess makes me crazy.  You say you feel like I've given up on our house.  That I no longer clean or do washing or whatever, but I maintain my position, that you make too much mess for me to clean around.  I have given up because I can spend hours cleaning the floors and benches and then you walk in with dirty feet and dump stuff on the counter and go on your merry way.  I honestly do not understand how making a sandwich involves three knives, two plates and a cutting board and leaves crumbs over the entire bench top. Not to mention the butter and bread that gets left out, or the fact that the plate can then sit where it was left for 4 days.  It's like you did a course in how to make a housewife crazy in three easy steps...

I love you with my whole heart, though. And I rather have you here making a mess thatn away with a clean kitchen.

Your E. xx

*N.B. I have a big dog that will eat you if you try to break in while A is away! Grrrrrrr! So don't think this is an invitation for random internet-ers to come steal my TV.

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