Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Grinch

My Grumpy Husband, you are usually such a Christmas grinch.

I really saw how much you love me this year, because I am usually Christmas spirit personified, but I was not feeling it this year. All of our baby baggage was bringing me down, and I couldn't give two hoots about Christmas. I really was a grumbles.

And then you stepped in. Despite complaining every year about the presents and the carols and the bad movies, this year, you encouraged me. You asked me what Santa was bringing. You volunteered to have carols play while we ate dinner. You invited me to watch a Christmas movie with you. You really foisted Christmas on me. And I am so grateful. You know I love this time of year and it would have made me even more miserable not to celebrate at all. And you know me, and love me enough to want to give that to me.

You're a good egg. And I'm glad you gave me Christmas.

With lots and lots of love,
Your Grumbles.

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